Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UK: How the lefts adoption of Political correctness had made them blind to pure bigotry.

The political left love to scream out about how they champion the rights of minority groups be they blacks,gay, disabled, female, foreign or just simply confused. If there's a voice to be heard, the left of the political spectrum will champion it. In years past the left have admirably taken on thugs fought racism, and bigotry , however over these past few years it transpires that the left have become what they claim to hate the most, and that is racist bigots.

In the Uk, we have the Labour party currently the opposition to the government. In 1979 they lost power to Maggie Thatcher  and they remained out of power until 1997. The reason they remained out of power for so long was down to how the left ruined the Uk during the 70s with strikes. In fact the unions held so much power they brought down governments and after years of power cuts, shortages, and pure bullying the public voted them out and kept them out. During those wilderness years the left started openly character assassinating their political opponents and they had no problem indoctrinating school children with that mindset. Maggie Thatcher was accused of closing down the coal mines, yet the fact remains Labour closed almost twice as many in half the time. She was accused of wanting a war with Argentina so as to get re-elected, yet when the official government papers were opened 30 years later, it was revealed she was actually ready for peace.  There was plenty other allegations which were without any basis. Yet the youth from 1979-97 were brainwashed into thinking that the conservative party were and could be only evil.

With an entire generation brought up thinking that it is their right to violently challenge anything they  object to, we now have arrived at a place where the Labour party is riddled with Anti-Semitism  However in order to challenge people they brought in a human-rights lawyer to look into the matter and within weeks, she declared there was no Anti-Semitism to be found in the Labour Party.  As a reward she was rewarded by the Pro Hamas, Hezballah leader of the labour Party with a peerage. The thing is Anti-Semitism is rife within the Labour Party and over 20 Labour MPs have been suspended for...Anti Semitism in recent years. Only last week Shami Chakrabarti was on TV stating she didn't have a problem with Anti-Semite Ken Livingstone being readmitted into the Labour Party for his open anti-Semitism which saw him suspend many times.

Today, the leader of the Labour Party stood for a photo shoot with Transsexual  Munroe Bergdorf as the new  LGBT adviser to Labour's women and equality minister. The thing is Munroe as is a fucking racist bigot,  he was sacked by L'Oreal for claiming that all white people are racist. Despite the fact his mother is white, 
On all white people being racist:
'Honestly I don't have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.'

On the suffragettes:
'FYI - The Suffragettes were white supremacists who were fighting for WHITE women's rights - they specifically left black women out of the movement. 'It is not 100 years since women got the vote it's 100 years since WHITE women got the vote. Black women couldn't vote until MUCH later.'

On homosexual Conservatives:
'Gay male Tories are a special kind of d**khead. It's actually quite astonishing.'

Yet the labour party had a Tory advisor sacked from a job as a new university regulator after criticism over controversial comments he made years ago.

This do as I say not as I do behaviour is rife within the Labour party, the current leader of the Labour party has links with terrorists be it the IRA, Hamas, Hezballah, he has links with Iran, Gaza, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia. only last week it was revealed he had links with  Czech intelligence when it was a communist state. He has openly stated that he would get rid of the British military , pull out of NATO and join up with Russia. He has objected to the Police shooting dead terrorists during a terrorist attack . One of his close supporters has said that instead of killing ISIS terrorists in Iraq, British soldiers  should instead  sit down and have a cup of tea with them.

The British people were given a vote the other year if they wished to remain in the EU, the vote saw the largest number of people vote in the Uk and the leave vote won. Yet to those who lost, that wasn't right, they cried and cried, dragged their feet and ensured that the process to leave has become a minefield.  They have claimed that if you add the people who didn't vote, then more people voted to remain , that they were aware of the full facts . They have demanded that we have another vote in which to settle it for once and for all. yesterday the Labour party changed tack of respecting the vote of the British people and stated that they now back a permanent customs union with the EU, which goes against the wishes of the electorate.

The deputy leader of the Labour Party has a habit of seeing paedophiles inside the conservative party and has no problem going to the media and the Police in which to do his dirty work and yet, not only has his claims been found to be unfounded, the main character behind his claims has just been charged on being a paedophile and the police having to pay damages to those accused

Labour peer Lord Ahmed, killed a man whilst driving up a motorway late at night whilst texting on his phone and was jailed. 16 days later he was released (There was a labour party in power at the time) He then was suspended by the Labour party (well they had to) when he blamed the jews for his prison sentence.

The Labour party claims it is big on fighting abuse, yet when Jared O’Mara the Labour MP for Sheffield was found to have posted a series of homophobic and sexist comments on online forums, , he was allowed to take sick leave for stress (during his so called suspension) and allowed to retake his seat 12 weeks later

Sarah Champion the labour MP for Rotherham wrote last year "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls". this was regards over 1500 young white girls found to have been raped in her ward, which had been covered up by the Labour council. For doing so, she was forced to resign for being...racist. Meanwhile a few hundreds miles further north in the Newcastle area, it has just been revealed that up to 700 young white girls have been raped by....Pakistani males Want to guess which political party is in control and has been for years in the area.

Over the years common sense has been thrown out of the window and replaced with a bunch of self serving idiots who whilst bemoaning anything in front of them, quite happily say. move along nothing to see here, when the same thing is found within their ranks.

This people is how the left works today, throw, mud, and if it doesn't stick throw some more in which to make the target of your character assassination pay and if somebody should find a pile of mud on you, then point elsewhere and shout out 'squirrel'