Monday, February 26, 2018

UK: London sees 20% increase in rapes, Police unable to explain why.

(London) There were 7,613 reported rapes in London this past year to January, compared to 6,392, the previous reporting year, according to figures collated by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). This represents a 20% increase and the police can’t explain why?

The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Craig Mackey, speaking to the Mayor’s office  has said the rise could not be accounted for simply by more victims feeling able to report abuse or better recording practices and that they (The Met) haven’t a clue about that 20%
“It is not as simple as saying this is increased confidence, of course that plays a part, and faith in the process, but there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand. We see the end of it but we don’t understand the causes.”
Really?  London has seen rapes rise exponentially year after year over several years. In parts of London rapes have increased by as much as 236%. Over the same time the white population in the British capital city in 2011 had fallen to 44%. Stabbings are up, Political gerrymandering is up, Murders are up, terrorism is up and now we find rapes are up and the police are unable to explain why? 

Really? or just too scared to tell the truth.