Monday, February 12, 2018

India: Terrorists attack Army camp , 10 dead.

(Jammu)  Pakistani funded terrorists have attacked an army camp in which to utter 'Ali snack bar' and cause mayhem

Yesterday morning at around 5am at least 4 heavily armed thugs decided to sneak into the Sunjwan army camp and wake everybody up with an early morning call consisting of Machine gunfire and hand grenade explosions.  Five soldiers and a civilian were killed, as were three terrorists an unknown number of attackers are currently cornered inside the residential complex of the camp, where they are locked in a fierce standoff. Hundreds of police, army and paramilitary soldiers were called in to dislodge the fighters, who have barricaded themselves inside multistorey buildings.

The attack on the 36 Brigade Sunjuwan military station in the wee hours on Saturday by heavily-armed terrorists caught both the army and the police off guard. Apparently they sneaked in from the canal on the rear end of the premises. A defence spokesperson based in Jammu said that the forces 
"checked the entry of militants at the periphery". He further said, “The militants managed to enter due to the darkness and the grass.”
Not good from the Indian army when lax procedures allows silly little mistakes like this to transpire with devastating results, especially when just three days ago a shootout at a hospital at Srinagar saw  the escape of terrorist commander Mohammad Naveed Jaat.