Friday, December 22, 2017

Egypt:¼ Million troops mobilised to protect Christians over Christmas.

(Cairo)  Its Christmas and Egypt's Interior Ministry has announced that all leave have been cancelled for security personnel and officers across the country and that  230,000 security personnel are  being mobilised to stand guard in which to protect the country's Christmas celebrations, which begins on Sunday.

The security in place will include  CCTV and metal detector systems at houses of worship. Whilst Coptic Egyptians, make up 90% of all Christians in the country, and celebrate Christmas on 7th  January. A minority of non-orthodox Christian Egyptians observe Christmas on 25th December. 

Over the past two years, terrorist attacks on churches during religious holiday seasons have left tens of Christians killed and many injured. That said the worse attack in years was carried out last month where a bomb attack on a Sufi mosque saw over 311 people murdered.