Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sweden: 4 Men jailed for robbing a 97 year old woman

(Malmo) On the 31st August a 97-year-old woman living alone in Malmo was woken up in the middle of the night by 4 robbers who proceeded to  punch her several times whilst holding a screwdriver to her throat in which to show this frail woman who was in charge, they then covered her with a sheet, so she couldn't identify them , then they made off with her stuff including a TV, mobile phone and her cash card from which they withdrew £1300, the police were unable to chase down the gang.

Then 4 days later police were called to an attempted break in at the home of 95 year old woman just a few hundred metres away from the above incident.  On stopping a vehicle containing 4 non-white Swedish citizens, they found inside items belonging to the 97 year old inside. On investigating it was found that one of them Haiderat Salim worked as a nurse helping old people and thus he knew which homes to target.

Well last week these 4 wankers had their day in court on charges of commit gross robbery, attempted robbery, fraud and attempted fraud.  28-year-old Haiderat Salim was sentenced to jail for five and a half years, 18-year-old Aladdin Al Arabi received two years and nine months in prison, 18-year-old Mansour Alzafiri, who was 17 years old when the robbery was executed, received a year and ten month-old youth care and 20-year-old Mohammad Al Agawi received four years in prison and is to be deported from the Sweden for 10 years on completion of his service.