Tuesday, December 12, 2017

China: Building refugee camps on border with North Korea.

(Beijing) China is building a number of refugee camps along its 1,416km border with North Korea, as it prepares  for the human exodus which a conflict or collapse of Kim Jong-un’s regime might cause. The existence of the camps, was last week, after details emerged in a leaked internal document from within a‘China Mobile’ document  which made the rounds on social media and on Chinese websites last week, and revealed plans for at least five refugee camps in the Jilin province.

The document, states: 
 “Due to cross-border tensions … the [Communist] party committee and government of Changbai county has proposed setting up five refugee camps in the county.” 
It gives the names and locations of three such facilities: Changbai riverside, Changbai Shibalidaogou and Changbai Jiguanlizi. The New York Times reported that centres for refugees were also planned in the cities of Tumen and Hunchun. It appears that the Chinese aren't placing any bets on the fat little bastard in  Pyongyang coming out on top in any future bun fight with against the US or South Korea.