Friday, December 15, 2017

Spain: Serbian Rambo arrested after police shoot out.

(El Ventorrillo) A fugitive Serbian killer nicknamed Rambo, who  killed two men in Italy, has been arrested in a shootout in Spain in which he allegedly killed a further three people.

Norbert Feher, alias Igor Vaclavic, had been on the run since April, where he shot dead a park ranger, a barman and injured a policeman in Italy. A massive manhunt was launched which involved paratroopers, snipers with night vision goggles and sniffer dogs, however he evaded capture. After Feher -who is believed to be a former soldier- went to ground. Hiding in woods and marshland and apparently living off the land, he was given the name Rambo’ from the Italian media for his apparent wilderness survival skills.

His trail went cold until today, when he was arrested after a gunfight at a farmhouse near the town of Teruel in Aragon, eastern Spain, in which he killed two Spanish police officers and a farmer.