Sunday, December 17, 2017

Israel: 18th Rocket attack from Gaza since US recognised Jerusalem

(Ashkelon) Two rockets were fired Sunday night from the Gaza strip, with one exploding near the Hof Ashkelon Regional Coucil near the Gaza border.
The second rocket landed in an open, uninhabited field nearby. A residential home suffered damage from the rocket, but there were no casualties in the launch—the 18th to have taken place since President Donald Trump announced Washington's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

So let me get this right, peaceful Muslims all over the world have gone ballistic, had 2 periods of rage, people have been stabbed, properties have been attacked, pushed for a UN resolutions all because the US said it recognised Jerusalem as the capital.  Yet when almost a million people have been killed in Syria and Iraq these past few years , millions more forced to relocate and …nothing.
That tells me all I need to all know about the Islamic world.