Thursday, December 28, 2017

Israel: Israeli Arabs have higher life expectancy than entire Muslim World

(Jerusalem)  The Islamic world and their non-Islamic sycophants have no problem screaming out to anybody who will listen (And to those who don't) that life for Muslims living inside the Jewish state is intolerable, that they have no equality, no human rights and so on. Because of this Jewish intolerance towards Muslims, the entire Islamic world and their camel  are resigned to ensure on the states destruction.

However a new survey spins that POV on its head by revealing that Israeli Arabs have the highest life expectancy among 21 Islamic or Arab countries, even higher than that of wealthy Gulf States. The study also showed that infant mortality among Israeli Arabs was lower than most of the same Islamic and Arab countries surveyed.
The relative status of Arab Israelis in terms of life expectancy at birth is good when compared with that of all other Arab or Muslim populations, and is equal to that of the general United States population, however it is lower than that of Israel’s Jewish population. The reasons for this disparity are down to: congenital disorders, road accidents, chronic lower ,respiratory disease, and diabetes: