Friday, December 22, 2017

UK: Report shows British City is terribly polarized along racial lines

(Bradford)  The liberal mindset that Muslims are a religion of peace, that actually they are victims of widespread 'Islamopobia' and that more money should be spent in which to try and integrate them into British society was given a heavy dose of smelling salts the other day at a council meeting in the Northern British city of Bradford where a good 30% of the population is....Islamic.

Councillor Arshad Hussain, who chairs Bradford Council’s corporate overview and scrutiny committee, said there were” many areas in this city” where people were afraid to go, depending on their ethnicity. The irony in that double sided statement is, only one side of the argument is going out of its way in which to cause trouble and strife. In the city and for some strange reason it isn’t the 70% which is white and non-Islamic. Which explains why these examples of community relations were revealed at the meeting:
Last month on Bonfire Night three pubs were stoned by Asian youths. The Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in Thornton Road, were among those targeted on the 5th of November . These are the only white businesses in the area. No Asian (read that as Muslim) businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they are white.”
“At a recent event at the synagogue there were armed police posted outside. Is that an example of community cohesion that a Jewish event needed police protection? I think we are kidding ourselves. I represent thousands of people who never come into Bradford and I am only five miles up the road. They say they don’t feel safe."

“There is a real problem of people’s perception of Bradford. My daughter is 23 and she and her friends say they will not come into Bradford for a drink or night out because they say there are gangs of Asian males hanging around. They say they do not feel safe and instead go to Leeds."
I keep on hearing the word 'Islamophobia' been banded around in which to silence any criticism of Islamic intolerance. and yet nobody is prepared to call a spade a spade and actually say,
"You know what, there really is a problem within the Islamic community"
Actually there is, but they are quickly branded as 'racists' for daring to speak the truth. Here is Tommy Robinson speaking to the bBC in 2011 regards intolerant Islam, listen to the disdain in the presenters voice when he hears what  Robinson has to say. Yet everything he stated has been proved to be..correct.

But the powers that be still refuse to accept the facts, I mean in the report above gangs of youths who attack pubs, fire-fighters are deemed to be Asian, rather than belonging to the large Muslim population  found in Bradford. At a stroke they deflect away from the real culprits. Its as if they are scared of admitting the truth and that the problem should be covered up or handed to somebody else to sort out.. Which kind of explains why Cllr Hussain had this to say:
"The work being done by the team was not enough and said too many people were scared to speak up in case they caused offence”.