Thursday, December 28, 2017

Germany: 15 year old Afghan boy arrested for stabbing Girl to death inside a store.

(Kandel)  A 15 year old girl was stabbed to death by her former 15 year old Afghan boyfriend in a small town on the German/French border.

Apparently the girl had recently broken off her relationship with the boy earlier this month, however as is the case with Islamic males, he felt his honour had been offended and had taken to abusing her, in which (As is always the case) to try and win her back. Her parents had filed a complaint against him on the 15th December alleging slander and threats. However he wasn't  going to allow the rule of law in Germany in which to prevent him from getting his revenge. Which he did yesterday when the the girl and her friend walked into the local dm (drogerie markt) store at around 1600hrs local time. He just happened to be passing by with a knife in his pocket and proceeded to stab his former inamorata for dropping him for the wanker he is. He was arrested at the scene and is currently in custody.

And the ethical latte drinkers and their ilk keep on telling me, that the UK should open its doors to thousands of these so called poor orphans, who for some strange reason are virtually always male and look around 30 years of age.