Thursday, December 28, 2017

Italy: Migrant arrested after climbing Christmas tree in which to remove cross which he found offensive.

(Milan)  At this time of year, people put up Christmas trees in which to celebrate Christmas. Which is why so many cities across the world do likewise .

Milan is no different and this year has put up a number of trees is which to share the Christmas spirit with the locals. One such example is the Bulgari tree set up in Piazza della Scala in the city centre.

As Christmas trees go, that one is quite stunning, and yet one 21 year old migrant from Gambia (Gambia is 90% Islamic)  wasn't impressed, in fact not only was he offended by the tree, he found the  cross at the top of the tree far too much to bear and set about regaining his honour and dignity by removing it from the eyes of the public which is how he came to be arrested on the evening of the 23rd  as he tried to climb up it in which to remove said cross.

Police took him into custody and took him to the immigration office in which to get him deported. This was where they found out that the 21-year-old had already been granted permanent resident status under the refugee protection scheme. 

Ah the joys of Multiculturalism