Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Canada: Where leftwing politics overrules commonsense

(Ottawa) The first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, be that internally or externally.  However in Canada, the leftwing  PM who has openly declared himself as somebody who hates everything about the US, has decided that actually his adherence to left wing politics takes precedence when it comes to defending the realm.

Currently the Canadian Airforce has the CF18 as its main fighter/strike aircraft. Taken into service in 1983, it is now showing its age and is/was destined to be replaced between 2017 and 2020. Based on the F18 Hornet, the fighter jet soon proved its worth in US/Canadian service. However it was found to be lacking in its range, endurance and the amount of ordnance it can carry. So the US Navy asked for an improved F18 and Boeing came back in 1999 with the F18/E aka the Super Hornet just by extending the plane by 34 inches, it can carry 33% more internal fuel, increasing its mission range by 41% and endurance by 50% over the original Hornet, not only that, but the latest iterations all come with AESA radar, the ability to refuel other planes in flight .Then in 2011 Boeing came out with the advanced Super Hornet which improved the F18/E  even more and added semi stealth capability (Not as good as the B1/F117/F22/F35) but a huge reduction on its radar cross section when compared to other aircraft.

So when Trudeau came to power the first thing he did was scrap the planned purchase of the F35, but settled instead for purchasing the Advanced Super Hornet. Which would have replaced the current aging CF18 with something a lot better, with the bonus of not having to change its maintenance support base.

Now, in a hissy fit over the placing of tariffs of 300% of sales of passenger jets from Canada by the US, Ottawa have cancelled that sale and instead bought a load of old F18 jets from Australia . Now without getting into politics , the reason the US slapped that tariff on Canada was over the deal by Delta to purchase 75 CSeries CS100 plus 50 options at $19.6m each, below their $33.2m production cost.

As mentioned above, the first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, all Trudeau has done with his petty leftwing agenda, is ensure that Canadian servicemen will die on mass because he prefers to scimp in which to save money. Mind you on a positive note, he can hand over the money he saves to all those poor Islamic terrorists who will also receive an apology from the Canadian Government.