Saturday, December 16, 2017

Australia: Gangs of African youths go on a violent stealing rampage at the beach

(Melbourne) Approximately 200 black African youths went on a rampage, attacking and robbing locals and tourists at Melbourne's St Kilda beach early on Thursday morning.

Police struggled to contain the fighting, overwhelmed by the huge numbers of teen thugs.
One father said his 16-year-old son and his friends were punched in the face and robbed in the brazen attacks, with youths stealing their phones, watches and shirts.
"They left them standing half nude in the street, these guys are so clever the way they do it (the robberies), that it just sort of looks like a couple of teenagers having a bit of fun."
In-between  fighting amongst themselves, robbing people the youths managed to trash a McDonald’s restaurant, throwing chairs and smashing a window. Police wouldn't say how many were attacked and robbed and called on the perpetrators to come forward. Inspector Jason Kelly said policewere investigating:
“Unfortunately last night we had a large number of youth attend, of African appearance, who have engaged in anti-social behaviour. They've committed crimes; they've been involved in a number of assaults on the foreshore of St Kilda. Their behaviour was just totally unacceptable and I’d call on them to come forward and hand themselves in before we track them down.”