Monday, December 18, 2017

Germany: Staff at Swimming pool threatened for pointing out the rules to Muslim Women.

(Hannover) Every Wednesday at the  Vahrenwalder Bad, (Swimming Pool) in Hannover  between 1630-2100hrs they host a woman’s only session  in which to accommodate the  modesty rules Islamic women have to abide to. Well it appears that some of these women aren’t house trained, with staff complaining that they have been abused for pointing out the following:

  •      Swimming in Jeans is not allowed
  •      You cannot leave used nappies (diapers) in the paddling pool
  •      You cannot picnic at the side of the pool
  •      You cannot dye your hair at the swimming pool
  •      Wastebaskets are not for defecating into
Where staff have tried to enforces the rules of the pool, they have found themselves faced with counter-arguments on mass, with some women threatening to bring their husband and brothers along in which to sort them out. People who have been banned have simply ignored that order and carried on literally shitting on their own doorstep.

The local council has pointed out that everybody should understand that these women come from a different culture where the emphasis is on social bonding rather than swimming. Hannover City spokeswoman Ulrike Serbent
"The women come from a different culture, in which bathing is understood more as a joint meeting and less as swimming,"
The SPD, CDU and Green parties agreed that the offer in Vahrenwalder Bad should remain, but it must be ensured that the bathing rules are respected.  The Greens stressed that the women's day is not up for grabs.
 "Emerging problems must be checked to see why they arise and then act accordingly,"
Green Party leaderFreya Markowis emphasized that even Christian or atheistic women used the women's day of bathing in order to be alone when bathing. It was important not to discredit Muslim women on a flat-rate basis.

Gee and we wonder why areas of high Islamic immigration are called…Ghettos.

Just for the record, I lived in Hannover during the mid 80s, beautiful city, with really friendly people.