Saturday, December 30, 2017

Germany: Rise of Anti-Semitism means Jewish life in Germany is 'under threat'

(Berlin)  The former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, In an interview with the German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme has voiced grave concerns  over  the growing anti-Semitic sentiment in the country. She states that public life for Jewish people is under threat and that they can only publically move around under police protection and under the most serious security precautions."  She pointed out the fact that Hanukah celebrations in Berlin and Munich, as well as the large menorahs installed in both cities, were, by necessity, accompanied by massive, around-the-clock police protection. A large menorah installed in the city of Heilbronn, for instance, was attacked and damaged by vandals. This she encapsulated by saying:

"Anti-Semitism, has grown on the right and the left, in the Muslim community and also in the heart of German society… Anti-Semitism is widespread online and on social media but also in the analog world. Jewish students, for instance, suffer greatly from this phenomenon—'Jew' has once again become an insult in German schoolyards."
In April, Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, received an expert report it had commissioned on the problem. The report found that Jews in Germany were facing increasing anti-Semitism in their everyday lives, leading them to fear for their safety.

Funny how the people behind the vast majority of the above, not only refuse to acknowledge their racist bigotry, but try to promote the view that actually they are the victims here. A POV supported by the left , the media and increasingly by European governments who refuse to acknowledge the problem by appeasing those who use the term 'Zionist' to mean...'Jew'.