Saturday, December 16, 2017

Turkey: Horse rapist released on bail.

(Çorlu) A 24 year old man who was charged by the police of raping a Horse has been released on bail after paying 600 turkish lira in bail.

The suspect was caught waste-down naked and with his sexual organ out in the open when E.K., the owner of the horse saw the 24-year-old man standing next to the animal. E.K., who had tied his horse in the Kalelik district for it to graze, came back four hours later to see the man up to his nuts in guts. He reported the horseplay to the police, who detained the suspect and subjected him to health inspections. The suspect rejected the rape allegations at the police station.

For some very strange reason the Turkish media have taken to blur the horses picture:

I take it raping horses is normal for Turks and so they must protect the animals identity.