Monday, December 18, 2017

UK: Syrian asylum seeker jailed for knife attack.

(Chester) 25 year old Fahed Shamery , his wife and 2 children were given a new life when the UK took them in as part of a United Nations resettlement plan in April of this year.

However 2 months later, Fahed whilst drunk launched a frenzied knife attack on Tomasz Podstawka whilst drunk. He pleaded guilty to wounding on the basis that he initially acted in self-defence – but then overreacted by using a kitchen knife to stab the victim multiple times.

As is always the case with violent crimes carried out by asylum seekers Chester crown court was regaled to how Fahed was the real victim, The court heard Fahed  had been subjected to “detention and torture” in Syria and was injured in an explosion, leaving him with scars. A citizen of previous good character, he had been a family man who ran his own business in his native country before and during the war.Nicholas Williams, prosecuting, told the court Shamery had suggested his nightmarish experiences might explain his violent reaction on the day of the attack.

Utter tosh, it’s a convenient excuse used by those who know they have done wrong, it’s the same why so many people who have lived in the Uk for donkeys  (Cockney rhyming slang, Donkeys Ears =Years, then drop the ears to simply say 'Donkeys)  require a translator, because it gives the impression, that as they don't understand the language , they didn't understand the law, thus hope they will receive a lighter sentence. 

You know, Syria is safe, sod his prison sentence, deport Fahed and his entire family back to Syria and make sure everybody knows, that's how you send the message that carrying out violent crime in the UK has consequences.