Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Austria: Muslims Say Religious Intolerance Is Growing

(Wien)   After the far-right Freedom Party got elected this month as the ruling party of Austria, Muslims across the country have expressed fears of a growth of intolerance against them. Councilman Omar al-Rawi has stated that it has got so bad that Islamic asylum seekers are now far too scared to even visit the mosque in which to pray:

"They say, 'We won't go to pray because maybe they will think we are radicals so it's better not to pray'"
But then adds, until their refugee status is approved, that is. It appears that Muslims feel that their rights have been trampled on and point to how Austria banned the face-veil and,  how a couple of years before, banned Islamic institutions from raising funds abroad, but love to point out that no such ban exists on Christian or Jewish institutions doing likewise.
Farid Hafez, a researcher at the University of Salzburg, predicted that life will be worse for Muslims now than the last time this governing coalition was in power in Austria from 2000-2005 and the reason for that according to him is:
That's because the Freedom Party has changed its "scapegoat from the Jew to the Muslim,"
One such example of this growing intolerance is how Herwig Mahr, a regional lawmaker for the Freedom Party in Upper Austria, is pushing for a German-language-only rule for students while they are at school, even during recess. He said if students don't learn German, they can't function well in Austrian society or at work. Wow , it really does seem like a totalitarian state where they insist you speak the language

I have to laugh at how the followers of the most intolerant religion going , plays the victim card when it doesn't get its own way.