Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sweden: 2 Men arrested after Police car blown up outside copshop.

(Malmo) Police in Sweden have arrested  2 men after a patrol car parked outside a police station was targeted with a explosive device resulting in severe damage to the entire right side of the vehicle.

Apparently the precinct targeted is tasked with the Södra Sofielund  district of Malmö, which just happened to be one of those vulnerable areas (PC term for crime ridden) of Sweden.

Unfortunately for the idiots behind this act, not only were they seen running away from the scene but they were caught on security cameras, which kind of explains why the police picked them up straight away.

Sweden has seen a huge increase  of criminal acts targeting police in recent months. In November, a hand grenade was detonated outside a police station in Uppsala. In October, shots were fired at a policeman’s house in Västerås and the entrance to the police station in Helsingborg was damaged by an explosion.

Funny how they all laughed at President Trump when he pointed this out the other month.