Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sweden: Mass protest after police tell women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after violent gang rapes

(Malmo) Women in Southern Sweden weren't happy with the advice handed out by Police after a number of teenage girls were gang raped in the city of Malmo , where rather than knocking on the door of political correctness and actually targeting the bleeding obvious culprits , they told  local women not to go outside alone at night, and to walk in pairs or use taxis.

However when a court in Stockholm acquitted 5 men on charges of gang rape due to  a lack of evidence, that was the straw that broke the camels back, and thus 700 people took to the streets in which to protest against police inaction, and political correctness which allows a certain demographic to rape with impunity. The protest organised by medical student Camilla Lundgren. Who reiterated the protesters' demands that the Swedish government take responsibility as the "feminist government it claims to be" and introduce "substantial changes" in Sweden's judicial system and raise conviction rates as well as lengthening jail times.