Tuesday, December 19, 2017

German: All 6 Deutsche Marine Submarines out of action.

(Berlin)  Germany like every other western nation purchases advanced weaponry. Its what gives them that qualitative edge over others who whilst having larger military forces, fill them with simpler cheaper weapon systems. Unfortunately that edge can come at a price. For a start, they require a lot more maintenance, which is why third world countries love to buy outdated tech from the likes of Russia and China simply because they can take more abuse.

Which kind of explains why the entire fleet of German Submarines (The Type 212 class)  are all currently unseaworthy.
U-31, the first submarine of the class, had been out of service since 2014.
U-32 had suffered damage to her batteries .
U-33, is undergoing maintenance.
U-34, also in need of maintenance, with no estimated time of completion available.
U-35, decided to hit the seabed and is currently been repaired.
U-36, was only commissioned in Oct 2017.

Its easy to blame poor workmanship and the like. But these things happen everywhere (Look at the UK and how all its Type 45 Destroyers are all laid up) The US with the F22 and its oxygen problems , or even the F35 period. Russia is experiencing problems with its stealth fighter. 

However as witnessed time and time again, these problems are sorted out in the end. But unfrotantly that doesn't stop the media from calling these issues a huge national disaster.