Thursday, December 21, 2017

Germany: School cancels Christmas party because a Muslim student complained last year.

(Luneberg) The headmaster of the Johanneum Gymnasium has cancelled the schools Christmas party after a female whose religion comes from Saudi Arabia complained last year that such festivities clashed with her own beliefs. This act of flagellantism amongst Non-Muslims in the west has become increasingly commonplace where liberals have no problem in bending over backwards in which to allow the tail to wag the dog when it comes to intolerant Islam.

That decision was reinforced earlier this year when another Islamic student left a classroom when a song with a religious background was sung there. The headmaster had previously refused to answer questions from the media that a mandatory Christmas party had been cancelled out of consideration for a Muslim student. A decision which has been publically criticized.  Not to be outdone the students held their own  Christmas party, where students offered home-made poinsettias, waffles and biscuits. Where it has been reported a girl wearing a headscarf sold cookies with Christmas motives.

I actually know that area of Germany very well and whilst only 20Kms from Hamburg it is very rural area  and these areas are very religious as in Christian religious. Yet as we have seen elsewhere, those people who refuse to afford minority faiths equality in their homelands (Usually by  the use of the Bullet and the Bomb) demand equality in the West in which to continue to oppress other faiths.

If you happen to ever visit the area, the German army tank museum is just down the road.