Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Germany: 2 Asylum seekers arrested for flashing to Children, third sought.

(Augsberg) The police in Southern Germany have arrested 2 Asylum seekers for travelling on public transport and exposing themselves to children, particularly, children under the age of 10. The men, a Syrian and an Afghan asylum seeker, have been in custody since the weekend. Another exhibitionist is still being sought.

The 20-year-old Syrian, was arrested by chance on Friday when an off duty policeman recognised him on a Tram and duly nicked him, he has confessed to his habit of unzipping his pants and promoting his small penis size to little girls.

The 32 year old Afghan was picked up on Saturday after two of his previous victims recognised him and called the police. At this moment in time he hasn't admitted to not only getting his dick out in front of little 10 year old boys and girls, but to also touching them.

Police are still searching for a 30 year old African who has also been exposing himself on the Public transport system. He has been exposing himself since Nov, however his intentions have been primarily at females in their 20s.