Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Canada: Venezuelan ambassador expelled

(Ottawa)  In a diplomatic tit for tat, Canada has responded to the expulsion of it charge d'affaires Craig Kowalik by expelling the  Venezuelan charge d’affaires and also bar the country’s ambassador from returning.

Like all socialist states , Venezuela subscribes to this notion that everybody is equal, however also like all socialist states , it also subscribe to the notion that those in power are more equal than everybody else., which means whilst the political elites have become filthy rich , the rest have become church mice poor. Kind of explains why the plebs have protested and why the socialists in power have clamped down on everybody they deem below them with the jackboot of totalitarianism.

Whilst the likes of China, Iran and Russia have defended the ruling body, the vast majority of the world hasn't, placing sanctions on Venezuelan, countries such as Canada and Brazil. Well that didn't go down well for the dictator in Caracas, who decided to take action against those smaller countries he felt , he could push about in which to regain his honour. Unfortunately for him, both those liberal countries, have played him at his own game and in doing so have further isolated him from the rest of the world.