Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Italy: Editor cleared over ‘Islamic bastards’ headline after 2015 Paris attack

(Rome)  Maurizio Belpietro editor of Italian newspaper Libero (Now editor of the daily La Verità) has been cleared of wrongdoing over a headline printed after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, which labelled the killers 'Islamic bastards'.

The headline was published after the after the attacks in Paris which saw 130 people murdered in cold blood. Naturally the ethical latte brigade and their overlords took offence  which is why the trial took place after several Muslims filed complaints to the public prosecutor, and a local Islamic organization, demanded  €350,000 in compensation for hurt feelings (Unlike the actual deaths of 130 people in Paris)

In court the prosecutor wanted Belpietro  hit with a fine of €8,300 for what he described as "a generalized insult to one and a half million people of the Islamic faith. Unfortunately for all these snowflakes who get offended over words and never actual acts of violence carried out in their name. The court threw out their case and acquitted Belpietro of all charges. It seems that they never bothered reading what was written and simply concentrated on the headline.  Which was:
“Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all Catholics are peaceful. We didn't say all Muslims were terrorists: we wrote Islamic (adjective) bastards (noun) – the language is clear.”