Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holland: Government refuses to take action against ISIS fighter found living in the country.

(Dan haag) The Dutch Government has come under fire after it stated that they could not do anything of the outing of a Syrian asylum seeker as an ISIS terrorist. The 31 year old man was spotted at the Balie debating centre in Amsterdam last month and accused of being a former ISIS fighter by Syrian activists . has spoken to the media saying he has never been part of the Islamic terrorist group. The man a Syrian national was spotted watching a film about how Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently collective by activists 
Aziz during his TV interview
Aziz (As he calls himself) told the Volkskrant speaking to the media stated that  he had been arrested with 11 other members of a book club who ‘read banned books about Syria and the regime, about shiite and sunni Muslims’ in 2005 He claims he was released via an amnesty in 2011 and made plans to leave Syria. He left for Turkey in 2012. In 2014, he ended up in the Netherlands where he went to the Ter Apel refugee centre and was given a permanent residency permit. He now works in a cafĂ© in Amsterdam.
The video above contained within the Tweet, whilst starting in Dutch reverts to English at the 26 second point.
Dutch security service sources  have stated that the man is ‘a serious case’ who travelled to the Netherlands under a false name and is being monitored by the AIVD. They were aware of his presence before the Balie debate. But Aziz,  but who goes under a different name in the Netherlands, told the media  he had never had anything to do with ISIS. Despite calls for him to picked up and jailed immediately, prime minister Mark Rutte said that he understood people were shocked but that he could not comment further on the case out of security considerations. justice minister Ferdinand Grapperhuis said the man could only be arrested if there were ‘sufficient legal grounds’.