Wednesday, December 13, 2017

China: Builds DNA database of everybody from its belligerent Islamic region.

(Beijing)  China like a lot of other countries around the world has a large Islamic population which numbered around 21 million in 2000. And just like Islamic populations across the world, those in China have no problem causing mischief whist playing the victim card.

Unlike other countries China doesn’t allow itself to be bullied by the ethical latte crowd and does what it sees best in which to keep everything under control. Which is why it has embarked on a program to collect the DNA of every Muslim living in the predominantly  Xinjiang region of China in which to build a database which will allow the authorities to quickly identify anybody who leaves any biological evidence around after any incident. Yes it may not be morally right to do so, but as mentioned the mandarins in power don’t care. Meanwhile in the West the liberals complain about the President of the USA tweeting videos of Islamic based crimes.