Thursday, February 1, 2018

France: 5 migrants shot, 13 injured during mass brawl

(Calais)  6 Eritrean  teenagers were shot this evening by an Afghan youth when rival gangs from Afghanistan and Eritrea decided to play king of the castle at a food line in the French city of Calais.

Apparently the whole shindig transpired when an Afghan pulled out his gun and shot 6 Eritreans 4 of whom are in a serious condition , this descended into a huge brawl that lasted 2 hours which involved around 100 teenagers from Eritrea and around 30 Afghans . Then after than had quietened down, the whole thing kicked off again at an industrial estate a few miles away where police had to be brought in to protect Afghans from hoards of Eritreans.  At least 13 more people were wounded due to "blows from iron bars".

And to think that the liberals in the UK demand that we take in these poor little defenceless children.