Tuesday, October 24, 2017

India: Mosque boycotts Muslim man after he allows his daughter to marry Christian

(Malappuram)   The Islamic council at the local mosque in  Kondiparambu India, were not impressed with Kunnummal Yusuf, when he allowed his 26 year old daughter ‘Jaseela’ to marry Tiso Tomy, a Christian.

So on the 19th of October, the secretary of the Madarul Islam Sangham’s Mahallu committee (the mosque’s administrative committee) issued a Notice  urging all people connected with the mosque to break off all contact with Kunnummal Yusuf and his family.
“Since Kunnummal Yusuf has agreed to his daughter's wedding to a non-Muslim, we have decided that people need not cooperate with his family, neither for mosque-related affairs, nor for other matters,"
Good to see how the so called religion of peace of understanding is anything but.