Friday, October 20, 2017

Australia: Woman wearing a face-covering veil says 'Islam protects women like no other religion' -

(Sydney) In an attempt to alter the mainstream media's negative portrayal of Islam; members of the Muslim community in Australia have established a not-for-profit television studio.  Called ‘ One Path Network’, (OPN) they say it  will spread the real meaning of Islam amongst all members of the community – Muslims and non-Muslims. Here is one such video:

I think Ms Umm Adam (the girl in the video) should look up how things went for Aasiya Hassan who helped set up Bridges TV with her Husband in Buffalo in 2009 to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims after the September 11 terror attacks. He was only convicted of beheading her after he was served divorce papers, his excuse:
“he was scared of her”
Funny enough for a so called attempt to promote the real meaning of Islam they appear to lie with this video they pushed out last month:
According to OPN it is. Really, as an ex Muslim myself, I kind of disagree. Which is substantiated in OPNs video about Apostate and Islamic critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A real religion of peace would simply turn the other cheek.