Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ireland: Heroes welcome given to son of Muslim brotherhood royalty released by Egypt

(Dublin) Ibrahim Halawa who  was arrested and jailed by the Egyptians after he and his family flew over there to support the Muslim brotherhood when they were kicked out of power by the people during August 2013. For somebody who was willing to die for the cause and who is caught on film proclaiming ‘Eygpt’ and not Ireland as his homeland,  the Irish government and the Irish media have been somewhat remiss in leaving a lot out of this mans background:

  • Ibrahim Halawa was not a tourist. He is Muslim Brotherhood royalty.
  • The Halawa four were Hussein Halawa's son Ibrahim Halawa (spelt "Ebraheem" on his facebook) and daughters Omaima, Fatima and Somaia Halawa.
  • The Clonskeagh mosque in Ireland is a leading Muslim Brotherhood centre in Europe.
  • Its Imam is Hussein Halawa, father of the Halawas and the most senior Muslim Brotherhood figure in Ireland.
  • Hussein Halawa is General Secretary of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), based at the Clonskeagh mosque. This is the main rule-making body for the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The ECFR is headed by Hussein Halawa's colleague Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the religious leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and one of the leading extremist clerics in the world. Al-Qaradawi is banned from entering the US, the UK and Ireland because of his support for violence and terror.
  • Yusuf Al-Qaradawi praises Hitler and the Holocaust.
  • The ECFR, based at Clonskeagh, says that gays and apostates should be executed.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist, anti-semitic, far-right Islamist organisation. It supports sharia law and the suicide bombing of Jews. It is the origin of most of the Sunni Islamist and jihadist movements terrorising the world today. It is closely linked to the terrorist group Hamas, which is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.
Here is Ibrahim  inside a mosque in Cairo stating he was willing to die for the cause:

Well the Egyptians were having none of his 'I am a tourist' angle and locked him up and there he remained apparently at deaths door due to torture and poor living conditions according to his supporters. Well 'They'll never take me alive' features was released from captivity and the Irish have given him a heroes welcome (Something the Irish Government has in common wilt Muslims)  The funny thing is, the Irish people on a whole aren't as stupid.