Friday, October 27, 2017

Germany: Failed Pakistani Asylum seeker slits throat of his 2 year old daughter

(Hamburg) Police in the city are on the lookout for 33 year old Pakistani  Sohail A who has gone on the run after murdering his 2 year old daughter Isha

 On the run Sohail A
On Monday Sohail A wife Lubna went to the Police to complain about his violent behaviour, when they returned to the family flat, they found him gone and the couple’s 2 year old daughter murdered.
Sohail A came to Germany in 2011 and was rejected for asylum, he remained in the country by moving around, losing his documents  claiming illness and claiming his life was at risk if returned to Pakistan., It was while awaiting deportation that he came to know Lubna, married her and fathered Isha with her. In April this year he launched an emergency action at Hamburg's Administrative Court to be allowed to stay on in the country. The judge in the case was informed by police of violence against his wife, leading him to get the Youth Authorities involved instead of ordering his expulsion. Social workers reported back to the court that they did not foresee a 'worsening' of the family situation. Meanwhile in the real world Sohail had banned Lubna from talking to any of the neighbours and wasn’t even allowed to say hello.

No doubt Sohail will turn up in the Uk, where he will demand his Human rights are respected. Knowing this country they will.