Saturday, October 21, 2017

France: Islamic champion of the liberal world, Tariq Ramadan accused of rape

(Paris) Tariq Ramadan is courted across the liberal world as a champion of Liberal Islam, yet whilst he is feted by these do-gooders, which is why he is always seen cropping up on TV shows as the acceptable face of Islam.

However across in the Islamic world he is seen as persona non grata in the following countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Syria. He says this is due to him objecting to their human rights record, but the fact remains the grandson of the founder of the Muslim brotherhood is seen by many as  a war leader", an "islamist" and the "political heir of his grandfather", Hassan al-Banna, That he is slippery. That he says one thing to his faithful Muslim followers and something else entirely to his Western audience. Until now, Ramadan has managed to keep his detractors at bay. 

However yesterday in Paris ,a rape and sexualassault complaint was filed by Henda Ayari who claims he raped her in a Hotel room in Paris.

Funny enough Tariq Ramadan could not be reached by the media and has not reacted to the allegations.