Saturday, October 21, 2017

US: The media has a lot to answer for when it comes towards the hate against President Trump.

(Washington) President Trump has more than once complained about how the left-wing media portrays him and if you throw enough mud, then some will undoubtedly start to stick. Which is why so many people rather than reading up on the facts would rather subscribe to the views of a leftwing bigot of a reporter or as we have seen this week a democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives. President Trump refers to this as ‘Fake News’ and here are a couple of example of how this is used in which to colour the opinion of people against The President .

Campus Reform, a student news site interviewed students  at George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. WIthout much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan. then they asked those same students what they thought of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new tax plan. they all expressed excitement and support after hearing the details of the plan. The only problem ? There was no tax plan for Senator Sanders. The plan they loved was actually President Trump’s.

Campus Reform did likewise in April of this year when they passed off Obama polices 
as belonging to President Trumps, where the students questioned, hated them.

That people is how the media is pushing out a false narrative regards the US president, a narrative designed simply to hate. Now imagine if the media was doing this Blacks, Muslims or even chicks with dicks. There would be an outcry.