Tuesday, October 24, 2017

France: Family court to decide if parents can name their child: 'Jihad'

(Toulouse)  Judges in France are set to rule on whether a family in southern France can call their child “Jihad”. The mayor’s office in the city of Toulouse referred the parents to prosecutors after they registered the child in August, which could lead to a family judge ordering them to change the child’s name. Whilst French families are free to choose first names –until 1993 they had to pick from an approved list – but local authorities can still refer parents to prosecutors if their choices are seen as damaging for the child.

The thing is, in naming their child after a state of war, these parents are simply sticking two fingers up at the West in a much more subtle form of holy war. Which kind of explains how last year  in the city of Nice a family was referred  to the authorities after they gave their son the same name as Mohamed Merah, the gunman who in 2012 killed seven people, including three Jewish schoolchildren. In 2013, a French mother from Nimes made the  headlines after she sent her son, named Jihad, to school wearing a T-shirt that read “I am a bomb” and “Jihad, born on September 11.”

To the faithful walking down the path of Jihad can be carried out physiologically as well as physically.