Thursday, October 5, 2017

UK: ISIS supporter found guilty of trying to brainwash children.

(Leicester)  38-year-old Zameer Ghumra has been found guilty of spreading terrorist propaganda in the UK.

The court had heard how Ghumra "brainwashed two boys, claiming Islamic State were "not bad people" and asked the children if they wanted to join the terrorist group or help recruit others. He instructed them to only have Muslim friends, taught the children how to "survive a bomb attack" and fight with knives, giving them sweets to keep them on-side. The older boy described being shown beheading videos, and asked Ghumra "how can you behead people?". Ghumra replied: "If you truly believe in Allah, you can do it."

The boys mother concerned regards the Svengali effect Ghumra had on the children reported him to the Police resulting in Ghumra’s arrest at Birmingham airport in September 2015, a computer was seized showing 1,600 search results for terms including “survival knives” and “bushcraft”. The court also heard how Ghumra openly supported ISIS and had plans to open a religious school:
In his defence Ghumra claimed the children had been put up to "making a false allegation". Thankfully the court was having none of his victim excuses and found him guilty of promugating terrorist paraphernalia. He will be sentenced tomorrow.