Tuesday, October 24, 2017

West Bank: Palestinian build monument to Saddam Hussein

(Qalqiliya)  A city under PA jurisdiction, has just  erected a memorial and named a street in honour of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Arab leaders expressed appreciation for Hussein at the dedication ceremony, hailing him as “an emblem of heroism, honour, originality and defiance.” The monument bears the inscriptions "Saddam Hussein – The Master of the Martyrs in Our Age," and "Arab Palestine from the River to the Sea -”

Funny enough in 1991 the very same Saddam Hussein fired thirty-nine missiles against Israel during the Gulf War. Missiles which can’t differentiate between different peoples of faith The same Islamic despot who killed more Muslims in 8 Years (1980-88) during the Iraqi /Iran war than Israel has in over 70 years of existence, The very same. Saddam Hussain who ethnically the Kurds and Marsh Arabs after 1991 and who instead of providing for the Iraqi people after 1991, instead  spent it on himself resulting in over 1 million infant deaths  and yet to the Pals he is a Hero.