Tuesday, October 10, 2017

UK: Syrian Asylum seeker went on a sexual rampage days after getting British Passport,blames PTSD.

(London) 22 year old Hasan Alkhabbaz was given asylum in the UK along with this family last Oct. yet within a month he was attacking women on the streets of London. His first attack happened last November and he continued attacking women even after he had been arrested and released on caution in March. He originally was in court in August but that had to be adjourned when Alkhabbaz came out with :
‘No speak English.’
He was placed on bail (big mistake) and instead of taking his punishment like a man, he decided to flee the country.
Sex pest Hasan Alkhabbaz,
Which is why he was arrested at Heathrow Airport on September 8 trying to board a flight to Egypt and then on to Sudan. (Funny how all these so called asylum seekers have no problem doing a runner to countries where they claim their lives are at risk).

In court Alkhabbaz now claims he only carried out the sexual attacks because he is suffering from PTSD.  However for once the British courts appear to have learnt their lessons and remanded him in custody where sex pest Alkhabbaz will see a trick cyclist in which to see if he needs to be fitted out with a white jacket and placed in a padded cell. PTSD my arse.