Saturday, October 21, 2017

Egypt: Terrorists kill 50 Soldiers/Policemen

(Cairo)  A convoy of Egyptian security forces acting on a tip off regards a Hasm terrorist hideout deep in the desert was  ambushed as it approached the supposed  hideout situated inside the Bahariya Oasis

The four SUVs and one interior ministry vehicle were hit from higher ground by terrorists firing rocket-propelled grenades and detonating explosive devices. In return 14 terrorists were killed.

"Hasm" in Arabic means “decisiveness” but the name of the group may be also an acronym of Arabic phrase "Harakat Sawa'd Misr," which literally means "Arms of Egypt Movement". On February 11, 2017 the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters designated the militant Hasm group, which claimed responsibility for a number of deadly attacks on security forces as well as assassination attempts on public figures over the past year, as a terrorist group.