Monday, October 9, 2017

France: 10 year old beaten for being Jewish.

(Paris) Whilst the liberal world continues to opine about 'Islamophobia' in the west, usually after people look funny at Muslims. In the real world their favourite victims continue to spread their hatred for all, in the latest case, a 10 year old Jewish girl was beaten so badly by her fellow classmates in Paris, that she was admitted to hospital where she was treated for injuries to her ribs and abdomen, requiring a 10-day recovery period. Her crime? she is Jewish.  The abuse this poor child had to endure took place over 10 days and it appears the school not only failed to act, they have refused to punish her attackers.  The school where all this took place is situated in Paris's 18th arrondissement, an area known for its rich Multi-cultural neighbourhood.

The girl has now been moved to a different school.