Tuesday, October 31, 2017

France: State of emergency replaced by anti-terror law. Liberals not happy.

(Paris)   The French President Emmanuel Macron signed in a controversial anti-terror law Monday that gives authorities permanent powers to search homes, shut places of worship and restrict the movements of suspected extremists.

President Macron said as he signed the bill in front of the cameras.
"This law will allow us to end the state of emergency from November 1 while fully ensuring the security of our citizens,"
The new law, makes permanent several of the measures enacted after the jihadist attacks in Paris which left 130 people dead in November 2015:
  • Without seeking permission from the courts, authorities will now be able to close religious sites that promote radical ideas and confine suspected jihadist sympathisers to their neighbourhoods.
  • Police will be allowed to carry out more on-the-spot identity checks in border areas, as well as around train stations, ports and airports.

As you may have guessed Rights groups have voiced fears that such checks will be chiefly used against migrants and minorities, particularly Muslims.