Saturday, October 21, 2017

Malawi : Police crack down on 'vampire' lynch mobs

(Lilongwe) In Malawi a landlocked African country sandwiched between Mozambique and Zambia  a fear of vampires has gripped the land. So much so that over the past month 9 people have been murdered by mobs who react to the slightest rumour. In the latest death a man with epilepsy was burned to death. It is believed the vampire rumours started across the border in Mozambique where rumours of blood sucking have led to violence this week, there protesters have targeted police because they believe they are protecting the supposed vampires. Villagers in these areas believe human blood sucking is a ritual practised by some to become rich.

In reply President Peter Mutharika has appealed for calm in the four districts where the mob attacks have taken place, saying this week that "my government will offer protection from these alleged blood-suckers."
"If people are using witchcraft to suck people's blood, I will deal with them and I ask them to stop doing that with immediate effect,"
And when you have the president of a country saying he will protect the people from vampires, it helps you understand why the third world is known as the Third world.