Friday, October 27, 2017

UK: ISIS terrorist arrested by Turks now wants to return to England

(London) In 2015, 19-year-old Shabazz Suleman left his home town of High Wycombe and travelled to Turkey in which to join ISIS inside Syria. He was arrested by the Turks and offered either to be deported back to the UK or be including in a swap where 200 ISIS idiots were exchanged for 46 Turkish diplomatic staff captured during the fall of Mosul in June of that year. He chose the latter and after landing in the nascent Islamic paradise that was being carved out of Iraq and Syria by the bullet, bomb and beheaders knife, he undertook weapons training at a two-week Sharia training camp and there he lived in happiness until this year when the victims of ISIS after saying enough is enough reclaimed virtually all their lost ground.

As a good ISIS terrorist who believes in the maxim “Death before dishour” Shabazz did a runner when he found his life was at risk of ending if he stayed to fight like the man he thinks he is. Which is why he is currently alive in the custody of the Turkish militia (Which let’s be honest, is a far better fate than anybody who was captured by ISIS had to endure.)

Well like all good Islamic state state terrorists, Shabazz who left the UK to live under the beauty of Sharia law, is now screaming out that he should be returned to the UK so he can face justice for his crimes in a Christian country, rather than under Islamic law as practiced in the Middle East. (Which is the sole reason he left the UK for) Why even his father 46-year-old Afzal Suleman, 46, said he knew ‘for a fact’ that his son had become a civilian and had not been on the battlefield for two years:
‘At the end of the day if he has committed a crime he should go to court. We just want him home.’
Yes, I agree he should have his day in court. But, it should be the people of Syria who try him and not the British.