Friday, October 20, 2017

UK: Parents of ISIS terrorist held in Iraq, go on hunger strike in which to set him free.

(London)  in 2014, 21 year old Muslim convert Jack Letts upped sticks and buggered off to join ISIS in which to help them build a pure Islamic state. He claims he went there to study 'Islam' and urged his parents to join him in converting to Islam. Rather than rabbit on about Jihad jack, here is a CH4 news where they actually speak to him and he explains everything:

Not only does he exhibit a jihadist mindset, (Dirty Non-Muslims) he expresses his hatred for the UK and that he has no desire to return to these shores. Well that was until dick splash was captured trying to sneak through Kurdish lines and currently he is bending over 5 times a day in the prison showers.  He has now changed his tune and wishes to be released so he can visit his mum. Who along with her husband were charged in supporting terrorism for sending Jihad features money. She simply cannot accept the fact that her son went to Syria for the wrong reasons and insists he went to help refugees which is strange seeing at the time he went over the vast majority of refugees were Non-Sunni Muslims , which by his own words Jack deems as 'Dirty Non-Muslims'.

Well Mummy and Daddy have now decided to go on a hunger strike in which to try and force the British Government to do something in which to bring their very own ISIS jihadist to England, simply because they think its the right thing to do.

No it isn't