Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gaza: Is Hamas going to start a new war with Israel?

(Gaza) Yesterday I mentioned how the Israelis had collapsed a tunnel dug from Gaza into Israel with the sole purpose of carrying out a Terrorist raid. The destruction of the tunnel saw a number of people killed at the other end of the Tunnel inside Gaza. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have admitted that the people killed belonged to them and that the sole use of the tunnel was to wage war against...Israel.

Well today, Islamic Jihad responded to Israel's strike on a Gaza tunnel by saying  they are "weighing their options" with regard to the "Zionist terrorist government" and that they "will not lose their right to react" 

This has been followed by the news that Hamas had evacuated bases in what may be a preparation for an imminent rocket attack on Israel tonight in retaliation.

What a world we live in, where terrorists caught in the act of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack are allowed to play the victim card.