Friday, October 27, 2017

Gaza: Head of Hamas security forces injured in targeted attack

(Gaza City) Tawfiq Abu Naim the head of Hamas Security forces was rushed to hospital this morning with minor injuries  after  somebody decided to carry out a hit on him after he left  Friday prayers in a Gaza mosque.

The details of the attack is still somewhat vague, with reports of either an explosion or a shooting. (As this is Gaza probably both) Hamas have already issued a statement:
"The assassination attempt is a lowly act, with Palestine's enemies behind it. The assassination is an attempted attack on the strip's security and stability as well as the Palestinian reconciliation. Security forces must act quickly in order to bring the perpetrators to justice."
It is generally accepted that ISIS (or their ilk) carried out the above attack, no doubt by the end of the day, Israel will be blamed. Oh hang on already happened, the Popular Resistance Committee, one of the military organizations active in Gaza, has issued a statement :
"it's clear that Israel's hands are involved in the assassination attempt. We must hit back against their agents and its collaborators without restraints."
A former prisoner who was released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel. Naim is now responsible for Hamas’s security in Gaza.