Saturday, October 7, 2017

France: Mama Jihad gets 10 years

(Paris) Like many parents 51 year old French woman Christine Riviere had no problem helping out her son. Tyler Vilus. Unlike many parents that help consisted of Islamic jihad. You see Tyler decided that living in France was a huge no, no and so he packed his bags and buggered of to Syria in which to fight the cause.  Mummy who should have known better, visited her jihad features  three times in 2013 and 2014, took up fighting for ISIS  posted pictures on Facebook of decapitations and promoted the vison of a gun totting Granny by posting pictures of herself holding a Kalashnikov. As she tried to fly out for her fourth holiday jihad "Mama Jihad" as Riviere became known as , was stopped by the Police ,arrested and this past week found herself in court.  When asked about her terrorist son who was deported from Turkey in 2015 and is currently awaiting trial. Mama Jihad said:

 "I didn't want to push him to die a martyr, but that could happen, then he would be in heaven, near Allah."
Ah so sweet, however the court was having none of her protestations of motherly love and sent the bitch down for 10 years. The above case follows the jailing of another parent who decided that the jihad of Mum and Dad is much better than the bank of Mum and dad.