Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sweden: 4 people injured in mass shooting, gunman still at large, Police say not terrorist related.

(Stockholm) A gunman went postal in the small town of Trelleborg Thursday evening by opening fire in the middle of a market place . 

At around 2230 hours police were called to the  Ehrenbuschsgatan area of the town after people reported shots being fired. On arrival they found several people with gunshot wounds, with the wounded transported to hospital, the area is currently under lockdown as a huge manhunt is put into place in search for gunman.  The police have already stated they are not treating this incident as terrorist related. Well I suppose that is nice to know.
Andreas Kvant,

22 year old Andreas Kvant, lives in the area. He was only a few hundred yards from the place when he and his friends heard some bangs,. "I know there are a lot of shady types here, but I never thought that something like this would happen. It may be drugs or gangs, there has been much like this before, which has become common in Trelleborg.