Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Canada: Intolerant racist Muslim Student plays the victim card on getting caught out.

(Halifax) Dalhousie Student Union Vice President, Masuma Khan, drafted a motion this past summer to boycott any events associated with the Canada 150 celebrations on campus.

At the union meeting, the motion had widespread support except for a few students who strongly disagreed, When some people objected on social media Khan posted a sharp response . However unable to discourse in a polite intelligent manner she attacked her detractors by posting the following:
“At this point, fuck you all,”
“Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide?”
She signed off, with #unlearn150, #whitefragilitycankissmyass and #yourwhitetearsarentsacredthislandis.
Never fails to amaze me, how people who have set up homes in the West due to oppression, war and religious bigotry protected by the very laws they sought in search of sanctuary have become the most bigoted people going. I mean , If Mizz-take  Khan is so offended by how Canada was formed, why is she living there, why doesn’t she relocate to a pure Islamic land (As substantiated by her dress and hatred of living in a Christian land) and sprout her hatred there. We know she won’t and she will continue sprouting her ugliness  protected by the very system she despises. Anyway a student named Michael Smith wasn’t having any of this , so he filed a complaint with the university, stating that “targeting ‘white people’ who celebrate Canada Day is blatant discrimination,”

They in turn found that Khan had violated the university’s code of conduct, which prohibits “unwelcome or persistent conduct that the student knows, or ought to know, would cause another person to feel demeaned, intimidated or harassed.” Now if you are white and you have the above on your card, your life is over. But not for Mizz Khan, no according to her warped mindset she can only be a victim: She contends that it’s inappropriate for the university to dictate to her, as a racialized woman, how she should talk about race.
“The university is policing speech and characterizing political speech as personal harassment. That’s a bit much.”
She also said terms like white fragility are regularly used in academia, including in classes that she’s taken at Dalhousie. As for the reverse racism allegation, Khan said she’s tired of having to explain why the concept isn’t valid with this diatribe:
“The people at the top don’t look like me and they have never experienced anything like what I’ve experienced. They will never know what that feels like. No one who looks like me will have the power to oppress folks with privilege. It’s me who’s not getting the job because my name is different, it’s me who won’t be able to get that mortgage because people don’t want me in their community, it’s me who has to go through extra security checks at the airport, and gets called a terrorist when I walk down the street.”
Oh my f-ing heart bleeds. Does she know that the current Canadian defence minister is brown skinned and wears a turban.  That Canada against all the advice took in the  a well-known al Qaeda family , that the youngest member of that family who murdered a US medic in cold blood just received a C$10 millionpayoff.  Canada isn’t known as a liberal nation for nothing. Which kind of explains why there are 21 people out of 332 in the current Canadian parliament who look like miss Khan . a figure which outweighs the 6.1% of the population who belong to the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh population. Yet to racist agitators like Khan they can only be victims , which is why she loves  to come out with crap such as :
“The people at the top don’t look like me and they have never experienced anything like what I’ve experienced.”
Well Missy, Here’s one for you. I come from an Islamic family, my sister and I were taken into care due to the intolerance we experienced as children due to the fact my sister speaks in her sleep. According to the faithful she was possessed  , the fact she was a good kid aged 6 didn’t seem to matter.  After seeing how the very people who should defend and protect  us, physically and verbally attack us, I left the gay death cult where it belongs in the f-ing gutter and I wasn't even 10. Anyway at 18 I joined the army. I ended my army career as a WO2 (aka Sgt Maj) Its people like me who get the job done,  and funny enough I don’t have a mortgage, but that’s because we paid ours off  and I live in a small community where people welcome me with a smile. Now if this Asian lad from a children's home can get through life without playing the race card (I can assure you, times were a lot more polarised during the 70s than they are now)  Then why can't you. Not everybody is racist and if anything, the only racist I see is you.

Mizz Khan, people like you suck all the air out of any room you enter , you actually set back race relations and if you don’t like Canada , then why don’t you do the honourable thing and bugger off.

But we all know you won't, I mean imagine you telling somebody off in a land where women have to be subservient.